Rolling Road and 
Chassis Dynamometer

Real-Time Display and Power and Torque Graphing System
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...loading: Porsche 996 GT3 twin turbo

Porsche 996 GT3 twin-turbo conversion with 680 HP on a 4WD Rolling Road which is equipped with a sixteen channel TAT Pro Data Acquisition System

capable of logging the following data:

  • Turbo boost left and right bank
  • Air / Fuel ratio (Lambda) left and right bank
  • exhaust back pressure
  • back pressure directly after turbo
  • inlet air temperatures
  • barometric air pressure
  • engine RPM
  • fuel flow rate and fuel consumption
  • average piston speed
  • correction factor
  • oil pressure
  • oil temperature
  • water temperature
  • turbo rpm
  • cylinder pressure
  • exhaust gas temperatures



...loading: Real-Time Display Screen...please wait

all sensor readings are constantly displayed before and during a run on the rolling road

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a real-time graph for easy and efficient engine mapping can be displayed during all runs on the rolling roads

...loading: POWER graph...please wait

all data can be viewed in graphical form; all data out of up to 8 runs on the rolling roads can be overlayed for comparison purposes

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...loading: Flywheel POWER calculation...please wait

of course the TAT Pro system can also calculate true flywheel power and flywheel torque, corrected to any desired correction factor, DIN, EEC, SAE, or other

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the hardware of a TAT Pro System (8 input channel system shown, up to 256 input channels are possible) 

...loading POWER graph Porsche 996 GT3..please wait



Features of the TAT Pro System

  • all data is stored on a PC
  • all data can be made available via networking
  •  all sensor values are displayed in real-time during a run on the rolling road
  •   Graphs of Power and Torque
  •  Power and Torque corrected to SAE, EWG (EEC), DIN, etc.
  •  all data can be viewed on screen in the form of curves or in tabular format
  •  graph print-outs in full colour of graphs and data table
  • ample space for comments for each individual run on the rolling road
  • overlaying of all curves out of multiple tests possible
  • acquisition of Power at the wheels and the Power losses in the drive train during coast-down
  • calculation of true corrected Flywheel Power, even for older systems  (see picture 5) as the sum of the corrected power at the wheels and the power losses in the drive train
  •  connection of nearly any sensor or instrument possible: e.g. pressures: boost pressure, exhaust back-pressure, oil pressure, temperatures: exhaust gas temperatures, inlet air temperatures, oil and water temp., other temperatures, air / fuel ratio, turbo speed, fuel flow, air flow, etc. - many more possibilities exist.
  • calculation of complex data derived from input data, such as BSFC, BSAC, piston speed, or even air / fuel ratio directly as a function of the voltage of the vehicle's OČ probe
  • live engine data from the engine management system can be acquired when using suitable interface electronics

<-- the real-time graph can be used for efficient and fast engine mapping: see the effects of online engine re-programing in this graph as a direct comparison to a previously recorded baseline power run on the rolling road

<-- all data can immediately be analyzed in the form of graphed curves and also as a formatted table of values using the powerful graphing and presentations tool of the TAT Pro System

<-- all data can be printed out in full colour on A4 paper exactly as it is seen on the monitor.  The scaling of all axes can be selected freely by the user for optimal settings.

<-- after every run on the rolling road the corrected positive power at the wheels and the power losses can automatically be added together to provide corrected engine flywheel power as well as corrected engine torque


Download: a Demo Slide Show of the System Software

(1) Download: a full sized TAT printout of a Porsche 996 GT3 4,0l Power Graph (enlarge with VIEW -> ZOOM once visible)

(2) Download: a full sized TAT printout of BMW M3 3,0l and 3,5l 6-Cylinder (enlarge with VIEW -> ZOOM once visible)

(3) Download: a full sized TAT printout of BMW M3 E30 4-Cylinder with Air/Fuel ratio curve (enlarge with VIEW -> ZOOM once visible)

(4) Download: a full sized TAT printout of Ford RS Turbo with boost curve, 2 runs compared (enlarge with VIEW -> ZOOM once visible.


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